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Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?

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As from this moment, the Triwizard Tournament has begun.

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“Ron, you’re making it snow,” said Hermione patiently, grabbing his wrist and redirecting his wand away from the ceiling from which, sure enough, large white flakes had started to fall. 
Lavender Brown, Harry noticed, glared at Hermione from a neighboring table through very red eyes, and Hermione immediately let go of Ron’s arm. "Oh yeah," said Ron, looking down at his shoulders in vague surprise.
"Sorry…looks like we’ve all got horrible dandruff now…." He brushed some of the fake snow off Hermione’s shoulder. Lavender burst into tears.

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how many hospital visits do you think st. mungo’s gets from people using engorgio spells on their dick

you ask the real questions i like it

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First, to Ronald Bilius Weasley. I leave my Deluminator, a device of my own making in the hope that, when things seem most dark, it will show him the light.

To Hermione Jean Granger. I leave my copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard in the hope that she find it entertaining and instructive.

To Harry James Potter. I leave the Snitch he caught in his first Quidditch match at Hogwarts as a reminder of the rewards of perseverance and skill.

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the brightest witch of her age

the brightest witch of her age

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Ruddy pumpkin head, isn't he?

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A circle has no beginning
- Luna Lovegood.
Ravenclaw and proud of it!
Cassandra. 17.
Personal, including (but not limited to):
Owls. Harry Potter. Game of Thrones. The Tudors. The Infernal Devices. The Mortal Instruments. The Perks of Being A Wallflower. The Fault in Our Stars. Emma Watson. Lily Collins. Natalie Dormer. ... enjoy :)

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